Tick tock goes the clock—where do we go?

From the second we take our first breath to the moment we take our last, we humans experience this thing called life in between. Life does a lifelong dance with time. Time leads the way, step by step, only forward, and never looking back. Come to think of it, can life really exist without time? Every breath, every function of our cells, every thought, every action we ever take…it’s all dictated by time. And that, my fellow human, is the dilemma of human life. Time. The inevitably of it. The scarcity of it. The immense value of it.

So how do we cope? It’s a heavy truth to come to terms with—that we were birthed into existence, only to what…die? Why? Why are we gifted this beautiful, vibrant life, only for it to be snatched away by time. Seems wholly unfair. But then we can also ponder…would life has as much value as it does to you now if you knew you weren’t going to die?

It can be hard to accept the inevitably of our nonexistence. So, humans succumb to religion, hedonism, existential crises, and/or all of the above. We go our entire lives looking for purpose, looking for away to spend the speckle of time we have on this Earth in the best way possible. But humans get lost. Maybe the human experience IS about getting lost, rolling with the punches, and just being. I know we live in a complex world with layers of society, cultures, and politics—but I can’t help but wonder if instead of constantly and frantically fiddling around to find our purpose, perhaps it was there all along. Perhaps our purpose is to just be, to live, to experience the human experience. Because from the moment we take our first breath to the second we take our last, life is the one true thing we have.

greetings, welcome to a collection of my human experience(s)

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