That popular line is from one of my favorite poems ever, written by Dylan Thomas. In his poem, he uses night as a metaphor for death, but I’m going to use it literally.

Night. It’s such a peculiar time of day. And it’s even weirder that we call it a “time of day” when day is night’s inverse. Day and night are so different from each other that they’re commonly used as a phrase to describe two things that are polar opposites. For example, “Even though they were twins, they couldn’t be more different — like day and night”. Day…

From the second we take our first breath to the moment we take our last, we humans experience this thing called life in between. Life does a lifelong dance with time. Time leads the way, step by step, only forward, and never looking back. Come to think of it, can life really exist without time? Every breath, every function of our cells, every thought, every action we ever take…it’s all dictated by time. And that, my fellow human, is the dilemma of human life. Time. The inevitably of it. The scarcity of it. The immense value of it.

So how…

Hello hello from a fellow human! Human! Ah, the one fundamental thing that connects us all. Human. A sack of flesh roaming a rock in a vast universe? Just a blip in that vast universe. Yet the human experience itself can often feel as vast as the universe itself. I love how being human is simultaneously unique and ubiquitous—every individual is so different, filled with a depth that draws the colorful, one-of-a-kind stories of our lives…yet along the way, there are common threads of living life that connect us all. I hope you’ll stay awhile and maybe find a nugget of nostalgia or speckle of wonder as I recount and relish this human experience.

Diary of a Hooman

greetings, welcome to a collection of my human experience(s)

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